Elevate the value of your business data to new heights with our AI & ML Solutions

Stilogic recognizes that achieving data control and optimizing it in the cloud is just the initial step in maximizing your business’s return on investment (ROI). To truly unlock its potential, the application of cutting-edge AI and ML solutions is essential.

Artificial Intelligence presents an opportunity to gain a competitive edge and maintain it, but it requires a comprehensive approach encompassing cloud, data, and AI/ML.

The Stilogic approach entails:

  • Embracing a strategic approach to AI/ML that yields long-term benefits.
  • Recognizing that the true value of your data can only be maximized with AI/ML.
  • Leveraging AI/ML to achieve efficiency gains, enhance data accuracy, elevate your brand, and accelerate time to market.

With extensive experience in enabling customers to adopt AI and ML solutions, Stilogic has guided global enterprises in exploring and implementing innovative applications of AI and ML. Through experimentation and value-driven programs, we have helped businesses derive tangible benefits from these technologies.

Our AI & ML Solutions

Responsible Artificial Intelligence

At Stilogic, we view AI and ML as powerful tools that can bring positive impacts to society when used responsibly. Our extensive project experience has shown how AI and ML can deliver incredible benefits across various sectors, including retail, healthcare, customer service, and fintech.

To ensure successful and responsible application, we recognize that people are vital to the project’s success. By assembling a skilled and experienced team at the core of the project, we can guarantee favorable business outcomes. Additionally, this approach allows us to drive cultural change by empowering the workforce.

Training machine learning models

Enterprises are seeking advanced language models to revolutionize user interactions with unstructured data sets, including images, videos, and text generation. They aim to leverage large-scale distributed models and accelerate the training and deployment processes.

Stilogic has collaborated with leading hyperscalers like AWS, Google, Azure, and Alibaba to efficiently train and optimize ML models at scale, providing fast and cost-effective solutions.

AI/ML in marketing

In recent years, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) have recognized the potential of AI/ML in establishing brands that forge personal connections with consumers, foster consumer trust, and utilize marketing data to enhance customer loyalty. CMOs are investing in and embracing AI/ML in various areas, including predicting product demand, analyzing regional patterns to optimize inventory management and enable just-in-time delivery.

Machine Learning models play a crucial role in gaining insights for managing media mix and budget allocation. They enable real-time personalisation and are extensively utilised in campaign management, ad-tech, and mar-tech to enhance return on investment (ROI) for CMOs’ budgets.

AI for hyper-personalised customer interaction

The effectiveness of your AI platform in interacting with customers depends on its ability to replicate the nuances of human interactions. By enhancing personalization, you can improve conversion rates, reduce customer churn and complaints, maximize user engagement, and safeguard your brand and value proposition. This requires increasingly personalized, contextual, and accurate interactions.

That’s why Stilogic has been at the forefront of developing a “hyper-personalized” platform with the following engagement capabilities:

  • Facilitating seamless and uninterrupted conversations
  • Providing a user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Reading and comprehending complex or unstructured text at a human-like pace
  • Automatically resolving ambiguities and grasping intricate semantic understanding
  • Being adaptable to various industry sectors.

Ethical AI and governance

Stilogic offers consultancy services for the ethical implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is highly conscious of the ongoing ethical discussions surrounding AI applications. We adhere to the Governance framework derived from the EU framework to assist our clients in adopting an ethical approach.

Our solutions are aligned with the OECD’s AI system lifecycle framework, and we provide practical task lists to support organizational governance. Our services encompass:

  • A pragmatic and systematic approach to responsibly implementing AI
  • Ensuring compliance with European AI regulations
  • Offering guidance for ethical AI decision-making

Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Innovation
  • Optimized business process
  • Uniqueness
  • Security


Most common questions about our AI & Machine Learning services

Yes, our AI & ML services can help automate repetitive tasks in your business, improving productivity and reducing manual effort.

Our AI & ML services analyze data, identify patterns, and provide valuable insights, enabling data-driven decision-making and improving operational efficiency.

AI & ML have practical applications in various industries, such as predictive maintenance in manufacturing, fraud detection in finance, and personalized recommendations in e-commerce.

Our AI & ML services are designed to scale as your business grows, utilizing scalable infrastructure, adaptive algorithms, and continuous optimization to accommodate increasing data volumes and evolving business needs.