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The objective of this project was to migrate our client’s Content Management System (CMS) to unlock enhanced insights into their marketing endeavors. Our primary focus was to boost engagement and conversion rates by leveraging the capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as the new CMS while providing a streamlined content management solution.


The following measures were implemented as part of our solution:

  1. Direct Content Upload: The marketing team can now directly upload content without the need for involvement from the development team. This empowers the marketing team to have more control over their content management process.

  2. Streamlined Content Validation: The content validation process underwent a transformation, becoming a lighter-touch validation process. This approach not only proves to be more cost-effective in the long run but also significantly reduces the occurrence of errors during content validation.

  3. Dynamic Content Creation: Content authors now have the ability to create and utilize dynamic content that is more likely to resonate with the target audience. This enhancement leads to a higher likelihood of engaging the audience and achieving desired conversions.

  4. Enhanced Analytics: The analytics capabilities have been improved, allowing for more insightful and easily accessible data. As a result, the production team no longer requires the intervention of data analysts, enabling them to focus on activities that provide additional value.

Summary of services used in the project:

  • The analytics team focused on optimizing Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to maximize its potential in driving marketing insights.
  • Cross-partner project management and implementation ensured smooth collaboration and efficient execution.
  • A comprehensive architecture strategy was developed and implemented, accompanied by thorough tool evaluation to ensure the most suitable technology stack was employed.

The following services were employed in the project:

1. Development of a migration timeline:

A comprehensive timeline was constructed to guide the migration process, prioritizing the data assets of the most critical services. This strategic approach aimed to maximize the return on investment (RoI) for the migration efforts.

2. Utilization of Apache Spark, Jenkins, and Apache Superset:

These powerful tools were leveraged to facilitate the discovery, visualization, and migration of the data. They provided valuable insights into the datasets and streamlined the migration process.

3. Implementation of SQL functionalities with Hive:

By incorporating SQL functionalities into the project using Hive, the performance of data processing and querying was significantly enhanced. This optimization contributed to improved efficiency and productivity.

4. Introduction of new data models:

Innovative data models were implemented to further improve the system’s overall performance. These models were designed to optimize data organization and structure, resulting in enhanced processing and analysis capabilities.

5. Ensuring zero-disruption migration:

To guarantee a seamless migration process without any disruptions, incremental and read replica switch patterns were employed. These strategies allowed for a smooth transition of critical datasets, ensuring continuous service availability throughout the migration.

In summary, Stilogic’s solution encompassed meticulous planning, strategic utilization of cutting-edge technologies, and seamless migration techniques to address the client’s challenges effectively.

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